Outreach provides our Grade 6 and 7 learners with an opportunity to serve the community and especially those less fortunately than themselves. At the same time it leads to increased awareness levels of the plight of others and a better understanding of the concept to “make a difference”.

Under the able guidance of a learner selected President and Committee, various activities and fundraising opportunities are organised by the Outreach club. All learners are actively involved in the planning and organising of such events. It teaches the learners leadership and good business skills while giving back to the community.

During 2014 the learners collected tins of cat food that were donated to Naturaz a local animal shelter.  As well as collecting tins, the group of learners took hotdog orders each week to raise funds.  At the end of the year the Outreach team was able to donate the amount of R2000.00 to Naturaz and the other half was given to the school.  The Outreach committee have not yet decided which local community support group to donate to this year but this will be announced at Prize Giving at the end of the year.