Woodlands School offers a balanced curriculum from Grades 000 to 7 in an environment in which each learner will develop an enquiring mind. We recognize each learner’s uniqueness and individual developmental needs and we have small classes of not more than 18 learners.

Our teaching is based on the principles of the CAPS National Curriculum Statement.  Tuition is offered in English. Our curriculum includes all the basic subjects in accordance with the National Core Curriculum of the Department of Education. The syllabus has been adapted to suit our needs and to extend the learners more in preparation for the academic standards expected of them in secondary school. The learners are assessed on a continuous basis both formally and informally and reports are issued 4 times a year. We have regular parent meetings where the progress of learners is discussed. Each learner is looked at individually with his or her best interest at heart.

As from 2015 a second additional language will be offered starting with the grade 1 and 2 learners.

Our school has a multimedia centre and library where learners learn to do research for projects and where a love for books and reading is fostered. Learners are also taught computer skills during multi-media lessons.

Reports from Uplands and Penryn for previous Woodlands learners testify of an excellent foundation which has been laid at Woodlands.  Many of our previous learners have also achieved excellent results from some of the top universities in South Africa.