Woodlands School aims to provide quality education in a co-educational environment; offering a holistic, well-balanced, creative approach, preparing each individual learner for the challenges of life.
Tuition is offered from Toddlers up to and including Grade 7 in class sizes that will not exceed 20 learners.
The school curriculum is based on the National policy pertaining to the programme and promotion requirements of the National Curriculum Statement Grades R – 12. The Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) as set out in the national policy: Foundation Phase (Grades R – 3) as from 2012; Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6) as from 2013 and Grade 7 (Senior Phase) in 2014.

The school is registered as a Section 21 Company and is managed by a Governing Body. The Principal is responsible for the professional running of the school and reports to the Governing Body.

Governing Body Office Bearers:
Mrs Nicole Brummer: Chairperson

Executive Staff:
Ms Marita Spangenberg: Principal
Mrs Caroline Weber: Administrator
P.O. Box 1171 – SABIE – 1260
TEL: (013) 764-1741 – FAX: (03) 764 1427

Woodlands School has achieved “candidature for full accreditation by UMALUSI Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training”.

Woodlands School is registered with the Mpumalanga Department of Education and is an associate member of the Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa ISASA.

Application for the admission of a learner to Woodlands school may be made at any time.
Acceptance of a learner to Woodlands School is subject to the following conditions:
 An interest free refundable deposit equivalent to two months school fees is paid before enrolment.
 The ability of the parent/guardian to pay the required school fees.
 The completion of a stop order for the payment of such fees by the parent/guardian.
 The payment of admission/administration fees as determined by the SGB.
 The signing of the contract between the school and the parent/guardian.
 The signing of the school Code of Conduct by the parent/guardian and the learner.
 The signing of the indemnity document by the parent/guardian.
A learner may be denied admission to Woodlands on the following grounds:
 The inability of the parent/guardian to pay the required fees.
 If the age of the learner exceeds the average age of such a learners’ peer group by three years or more.

The tuition at Woodlands School is English and learners are expected to be proficient in the medium of instruction. Afrikaans at first or second language level is compulsory for all learners as from grade 4.

The following formal learning areas (subjects) are offered at Woodlands:

Pre-school and foundation phase: Grade R – 3
(CAPS: As of 2012) English – Home Language
Afrikaans – Additional Language
Life Skills

Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 – 6
(CAPS: As of 2013) English – Home Language
Afrikaans – First Additional Language
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
Life Skills

Senior Phase: Grade 7
(CAPS: As of 2014) English – Home Language
Afrikaans – First Additional Language
Life Orientation
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences

The following extra-curricular activities are offered at Woodlands from time to time when learner numbers allow it:
 Ball Skills
 Athletics
 Cross Country
 Cricket
 Netball
 Tennis
 Hockey
 Soccer
 Chess
 Art & Drama
 Eisteddfod
 Environmental Awareness
 Swimming

In addition to the learner support provided by means of the curriculum, learners who require additional assistance may attend extra-curricular remedial lessons outside of the regular school hours. Such remedial lessons are paid for by the parent/guardian.

The Woodlands code of conduct must be signed by the parent/guardian and the learner before admission to the school. A copy of the code of conduct is included for your information.
Should any additional information be required please contact either the administrator, an SGB office bearer or the Principal.

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